Author’s Purpose

The stream of poetry found on this site is the completed collection called “Upon the Crest of Awareness.”

I have been working in a particular style for a few years, making this poetry radically different than my previous, darker material. This collection is meant to elude to simpler notions of peaceful living and thought, while not ignoring the struggle of body and mind that goes on every day in the present world.

For me, the content and expression of true emotivity is more important than style and rhyme.

Sacrificing a more appeasing approach, for heaviness, complexity, and depth can sometimes come across as unpalatable, unreadable, cluttered, and scatterbrained – All of which is apart of my process.

I write to open my mind; I write to purge and explore.

It’s less often that I write poetry now, as I’ve moved on to longer form literature, but poetry has always felt appropriate coming through my hands.

My name is Rami Mohen Elkhatib, and though I write often, passionately, and variantly, I’m not a professional.

I’m just a human being giving in to the natural, artistic urge to create.