Other Work

Other literature by Rami Mohen Elkhatib can be found at the following links:

  • The novel entitled “Permanence” is about hyper-futurism & utopian principles visited along the passage of various characters through life’s common and uncommon occurrences.

_Permanence_ eBook Cover


  • Published online only under one of my pseudonyms, Bōman Eidyll, this is a series of very abstract and experimental short-stories which is currently entitled “black & blue devils: Volume I,” although I intend to change that to “Reverie Collection: Volume I.”



  • Loose Change Magazine out of Atlanta, GA, published these two poems, during the time I was using Remi as my first name.


  • This is a self-published collection of very dark and introspective poetry from earlier years. As I tend to do, I published under another pen name: R. Grieve.


The website below contains the same material as “Minotauromachy.”


  • This is another blog site called ThePlantEaters. It is under ongoing viewable development until it becomes a finished book of nonfiction theory, regarding the topic of plant-based nutrition.

…coming soon…


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