Sourcing Conscience

Colorblind like an idle warlock
Feverish phases: Moan on
Moan off

Both amused and bewildered,
The It that was I
hung on the flag pole
Inversely and diverse

the humiliation of human nature
Is the verse that I hear in stadiums.

We are all better people in an era that doesn’t stilt the villainous;

Crushing, masticating, and expelling our essence into fumes

This is just how it is- so they say-

To be alive is to be functioning, smiling, and well-adjusted;

A freshly covered sycophant
Free of taboos,
heralded to the creator,
so everyone can make a buck.

Bombarded by the chastity of acculturated disciples,
all the vain attempts of pariahs
to be free of systems
are mashed down into a clumsy pulp.

The good spongiform citizens
of their own master group
can watch enrapt in drollery
As it is done to themselves
and only by themselves.

Is it just as meaningless
To confront the issues of bondage
With crazy words like liberation?


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

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