To the Myriad Harbingers

that we, as jesters,
can be recognized as something misaligned
with other animal-life,
isn’t it suitable
that we may as well be gods.
Transcendence is the truth,
for we are the most unique to function,
as ordinary forms

…as being gods, we lust and learn for what we must accomplish,
beyond our wrath,
beyond our rigamarole of mythological copiousness.
If we are to be gods, we are ones that are faulty,
chosen by fate on this Earth
to one day plant down the ideas of all time before;
to become the ultimate caretakers of this place.

Hell is planned for removal;
all that is suffering, discomfort, dysfunction, et cetera.
And the opposite is poised for introduction.

-only observing the stars from here
being content in that we exist together and as what we are-
No one can deny that so much has transpired
to further this deification of ourselves-
progress is evident, even in the flaws themselves.
our theology has been forced,
our science has been misinterpreted,
our commerce has been confounded,
Our life still remains:
The deepest message comes with a dilatory bloom,
ready only as time unravels along with it;
our mistakes like catapults,
our eyes untrained.
As gods we define a new kingdom,
to that of slow-motion and precedence,
Justifiable madness is our only credential to govern,
and all of our governance has been tainted, to be frank.
An inharmonious dispersement of ethos and empathy.

it will not be a tomorrow of any our lifetimes,
but it’ll be a tomorrow to be had.

the fountain that trickles into the pool
makes its cycle.

-and there they are, the people, swimming all at once;
Able and automatically in love with what they have become.


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

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