Pure Heart Desertification

Two muscles beating like artillery.
This whole vessel feels the siege and release of tension.

Digging heels into the ground is digging into my soul, and it can feel amazing.

The thoughts of my old mind do not all match with the present.
People of this time are castigatory and flamboyant, illiterate and semi-natural, beautiful and zealous.

Do I love the kingdom and all its creatures? Yes and no.

Forgiveness is too difficult to muster for someone who is lost,
whose eyes can hardly steady on anything except the sun.
While the exodus takes place, only a single person walks,
as strings play and flames dance too high in a pattern of phantasy.

She is in his mind, a character that may be fictional.
He is in her mind, a character that is too real.

Music, philosophy, responsibility, sleep, epicureanism, recreation, knowledge, itinerancy, vitality, and love.
This is what we seek together.

Even partners, thick as larcenists, must trust their individuality.
Holding a hand in your own, are you being held?

I believe in having someone for life, bolstering their good smiles, and feeding the sweet monster that is such a pairing of souls.
There is that figurative mountain, however, no matter where you turn to gaze, and it’s your job alone to surmount its zenith.

Take them with you.


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

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