The House of Power

It is you that will change your world

Blazing stride cut waters’ surface

the liquid boils beneath

Tenacious masses
watch their daily bread burn,
to the deepest jet-black slate of coal.

Gone, siffilating wind,
this new epoch of delightful dreariness.

Soon they’ll wear their faces plain
unless they must defend their claim.

Utmost winsome and brave
like an unbridled mustang,
coached by its brethren
and not by some sorcerer of slavery.

I concede!
Says the false god,
I have no right,
and so I shall grant the beasts alike
a way to unlearn our callosities.

Gently you and I
Cope with the frailty of said beasts amongst us;

See the star dial
Far ahead
and over the acclivity
We will both collect the reveries

Selfless janitors
washing and rinsing the battleground
– attention, evermore –

Breathe like an electric chamber,
raised up to see the end of old times
Give yourself the highest marks
And never lean backwards.

This is the dance of demotic reunion

We have waited our whole lives to see others change and demonstrate;

But it is only ourselves
that have the mountainous capacity

So we will go today.
Leave behind the delicacies of exploitation
and choose more reality.
A sentient stock on life
to carry forth unto death.

Without the posturing and ado
transposing the spinal yarn
as a bright polyester.

Vividly born and razed to the ground


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

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