Persona Grata

Can you feel every living being in the universe?
They share an aura of dark energy with us.
Breathing in the same dioxide that had been expelled by queens and tyrants, reptiles and the first organisms that floated in this dysphonia.
We live in a primordial puddle, and we always will.
There is no beginning and there is no end.
My friends and enemies do not know me or themselves.
Self-medication is essential to observational bliss and hypnosis.
I dare you to seek out truth in any other way than to degrade yourself in the eyes of anyone and everyone you encounter.
They know you are a threat to their convenience, even if they love you.
Depression is not the goal that I am suggesting, but it may feel that way at first.
This is truth, and truth feels like a rocket having impaled you and sent biological curatives through your once hapless spirit, allowed by your body and conscience to be only so free-
only so frostbitten.
There is no drug that you need, except to love yourself and forget physical pleasure when you must.
Forget yourself sometimes in loving the universe,
whose molecules are great and made up of you.
I’m always digressing into dangerous territory.
I wish to discover what it feels like to be born a poplar, an aspen, an oak, or some coniferous wonder that reaches, like everything, upwards to the same kind of captivating solar spell.


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

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