Cause and Cure

Man and woman firmly hold their own beliefs.
Limitless flexibility can breed stubbornness, futility, and unkindness.

Our oaks cast shade, and we absorb everything from above;
Exhalation flowing outwards.
We may imitate their stature but never live with their roots.
Thus far, I believe in the method of felling giants and their relatives,
as they have no organs and they feel no pain.

I once had a type of illness, which caused many smiles to seem of poor humor.
And now all the humor belongs to me.
Even as this bodily machine churns with some deficiency, towards its end,
I may be closer to knowing.
My intentions are primitive, and why not; shouldn’t they all be?
To keep us from complicating this confined and spherical world.


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Writer, aspiring farmer and homesteader in North Georgia, making ends meet and trying to become more enlightened.

5 thoughts on “Cause and Cure”

      1. I work in a very similar manner, depending on the piece, so I respect that completely. Actually what prompted me to comment was a slight similarity to my own style…I could see the mental jousting and I take to that in all forms.

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      2. It’s never ending combat. I have a hard time reading poetry that isn’t similar in style: surreal, cerebral, disjointed, and the like. Can’t be helped. I’m currently uploading the collection I want to publish in book form.

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